Product Documentation

Modify the reported severity of events that occur on NetScaler instances

May 24, 2018

You can manage the reporting of events generated on all your devices, so that you can view event details regarding a particular event on a particular instance and view reports on the basis of event severity. You can create event rules that use the default severity settings, and you can change the severity settings. You can configure severity for both generic and enterprise-specific events.

You can define the following levels of severity: Critical, Major, Minor, Warning, and Clear.

To modify event severity

  1. Navigate to Networks > Events > Event Settings.
  2. Click the tab for the NetScaler instance type that you want to modify. Then, select the category from the list and click Configure Severity.
  3. In Configure Event Severity, select the severity level from the drop-down list.
  4. Click OK.
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