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Use events dashboard

May 24, 2018

As a network administrator, you can view details such as configuration changes, login conditions, hardware failures, threshold violations, and entity state changes on your NetScaler instances, along with events and their severity on specific instances. You can use the NetScaler MAS’s events dashboard to view reports generated for critical event severity details on all your NetScaler instances.

To view the details on the events dashboard

Navigate to Networks > Events > Reports.

The Top 10 Devices graph on the dashboard displays a report of the top 10 instances by the number of events generated on them. You can click on an instance on the graph to view further details of the event’s severity.

localized image

You can view more details by navigating to the NetScaler instance type (Networks > Events > Reports > NetScaler/ NetScaler SDX/ NetScaler SD-WAN WO) to view the following:

  • Top 10 devices by hardware failure
  • Top 10 devices by configuration change
  • Top 10 devices by authentication failure
localized image
  • Top 10 devices by entity state changes
localized image
  • Top 10 devices by threshold violation
localized image