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Use API to create configurations to upload any file type

May 24, 2018

You can also use the NetScaler MAS API to create a configpack that uploads files to the selected NetScaler instance. 

Consider the StyleBook example you created to upload files of any type in How to Create a StyleBook to Upload Files to NetScaler MAS. As in the example in the above topic, create a configpack and specify the value of the parameter “locationfile” as the filepath of the location file on NetScaler MAS.
Use REST API to create a configpack from this StyleBook as follows:

POST https: //<mas_ip>/stylebook/nitro/v1/config/stylebooks/com.citrix.adc.stylebooks.samples/1.0/upload-geolocations/configpacks{

  "configpack": {

    "parameters": {

      "locationfile": "/var/mps/tenants/root/files/ /custom_geolocations.csv"


    "targets": [


        "id": "5e540839-cd6c-437e-ac53-7d49bc2602b5"