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StyleBooks grammar

May 24, 2018

You can design your own StyleBooks, import them to NetScaler MAS, and then use them to create configurations either by using NetScaler MAS GUI or by using APIs. To be able to create your own StyleBooks, you must first understand the grammar and syntax of the different constructs and attributes you can use.

This document describes the different constructs and references you can use while creating StyleBooks.


While defining repeat-item, repeat-index, or arguments to substitution functions, do not use the following reserved words to name a user-defined variable, $<var-name>

  • stylebook, parameters, substitutions, components, properties, outputs, parent, self, operations, analytics, alarms
  • repeat-item, repeat-item-0, repeat-item-1, repeat-item-2
  • repeat-index, repeat-index-0, repeat-index-1, repeat-index-2
  • default
  • roles, role, targets, target
  • context, parent-context, parent_context

For information and examples about how to design your own StyleBooks, see How to Create Your Own StyleBooks.