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Initiate Built-in Agent on the NetScaler instance

Feb 08, 2018

NetScaler instances running release 12.0 build 56.20 and later include a NetScaler MA Service built-in agent. Instead of installing a dedicated agent in your data center or public cloud, you can initiate the built-in agent on the NetScaler instances in your environment. This agent enables communication between that instance and the NetScaler MA Service.  Built-in agent is ideal for deployments that inculde an individual HA pair of NetScaler instances rather than a site with multiple NetScaler instances, as dedicated agent would provide better data aggregation capabilities than built-in agent.

The management, monitoring, and application dashboard features are supported for NetScaler instances using built-in agents. The following features are not supported now: Web Insight, SSL insight, HDX insight, Gateway insight, security insight, and advanced analytics.


Built-in agent is available only on the following NetScaler instance types:

  • NetScaler MPX Appliance
  • NetScaler VPX Appliance
  • NetScaler Gateway
  • NetScaler Secure Web Gateway

To use the built-in agent, make sure that you upgrade your NetScaler instance to NetScaler appliance version 12.0 build 56.20.


Before you initiate the built-in agent on the NetScaler instance, ensure that you have:

  • Upgraded the NetScaler instance to NetScaler version
  • Configured a DNS name server to the NetScaler instance.
  • Generated and copied the Service URL and the Activation Code from the Set Up Agents page in NetScaler MA Service.

To initiate the built-in agent on the NetScaler Instance:
    1. Using an SSH client, log on to your NetScaler instance.
    2. Navigate to the /var/mastools/scripts/ directory and execute the script:

Command Copy

./ <username> <password> <service_url> "<activation_code>"

localized image

Once the built-in agent is initiated, click Register Instance on the Set Up Agents page in NetScaler MA Service to register the built-in agent with NetScaler MA Service.