You can view the statistics collected by NetScaler SD-WAN Center as graphs. These graphs are plotted as timeline versus usage, allowing you to understand the usage trends of various network object properties. You can view graphs for network-wide application statistics. For every site in the SD-WAN network, you can view graphs for the following network parameters:

  • Bandwidth
  • QoS
  • Virtual Path
  • Internet Services
  • Intranet Services
  • Pass-through Services
  • WAN Links
  • Ethernet Interfaces
  • GRE Tunnels
  • IPsec Tunnels
  • Applications
  • Application Families


You can create views as per your requirement, save it and open existing views.

To view statistical graphs:

  1. In NetScaler SD-WAN Center web UI, navigate to Monitoring > Statistics.

  2. Select a region and a routing domain.

  3. From the Objects and Properties hierarchical tree, find and select the properties of interest.


    You can also use the Filter drop-down menu and Presets Menu to simplify the process of finding and selecting properties.

  4. Click Update to display graphs for the selected properties.

    localized image


    Deselect a property and click Update to remove the graph for that property from the Graphs Display area.

  5. Select a period for the current view. For more information, see Timeline Controls

    The graphs are displayed based on the selected properties.


If you select more than one property, the graphs display in Trend View mode to save vertical space. Click on a graph heading to show and hide the fully expanded graph. You can also show and hide the trend view and legends on the graphs.

localized image


You could print the graphs, or download the graph set as a CSV file.