Single-Region Network Deployment

If your organization has a small network spanning a single administrative (or geographical) boundary, you can use SD-WAN Center in the default mode (with single “default region”). A region can support a maximum of up to 550 sites.

A single region network has a Master Control Node (MCN) for centralized control, and SD-WAN Center for centralized management. The region associated with and controlled by the MCN is referred to as the default region. The SD-WAN Center polls the MCN and all the branch appliances in the default region.

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To deploy SD-WAN Center for single-region:

  1. Download the NetScaler SD-WAN Center Software. For more information, see System Requirements and Installation.

  2. Install the NetScaler SD-WAN Center on ESXi Server or XenServer

  3. Configuring the management interface settings. For more information, see Configuring the Management Interface Settings.

  4. Install the SD-WAN Center Certificate on the MCN. For more information, see Installing the SD-WAN Center Certificate

  5. In the SD-WAN Center GUI navigate to Configuration > Network Discovery > Discover Settings.


    Do not select Enable Multi-region mode.  

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  6.  In the Master Controller Node MGT IP Address field, enter the MCN IP address and click Test. This establishes a connection between the MCN and SD-WAN Center.

  7. Click Discover. If you have already discovered an MCN, this option changes to Rediscover.  

  8. After the discovery operation completes, click the Inventory and Status tab.

    The Inventory and Status table displays the status information for all the discovered SD-WAN Appliances.

  9. Select the Poll checkbox in the top left corner of the table heading.

    This selects the Poll checkbox for each appliance listed in the table. To exclude an appliance from the polling list, clear its check box.

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1.Click Apply.

> **Tip**
> You can increase the storage size of the SD-WAN Center by creating a data store on your virtual machine and switching the data store. For more information see, [Switching the Active Storage to the New Data storage](/en-us/netscaler-sd-wan-center/10/common-configuration/switch-active-storage-to-new-data-storage.html).

Single-Region Network Deployment