Deploying NetScaler SD-WAN Center

You can download the NetScaler SD-WAN Center software from the Citrix website and can install it on the VMware ESXi  5.5 Server or the Citrix XenServer  6.5  Server and above.

Downloading the NetScaler SD-WAN Center Software

You can install SD-WAN Center on either a VMware ESXi or XenServer server. For a VMware ESXi server, download the NetScaler SD-WAN Center OVA template (.ova file). For XenServer download the NetScaler SD-WAN Center XVA file (.xva file).

The NetScaler SD-WAN Center installation files use the following naming convention:



  • version_number is the NetScaler SD-WAN Center release version number.
  • server is the Virtual server type, either VMware ESXi or Citrix XenServer
  • extension is the file name suffix.
    • .ova indicates an OVF template file for ESXi server.
    • .xva indicates an XVA file for XenServer

To download the NetScaler SD-WAN Center installation files, go to the following URL:

Gathering the SD-WAN Center Installation and Configuration Information

This section provides a checklist of the information you will need to complete your SD-WAN Center installation and deployment.

Information Checklist

Gather or determine the following information:

  • The IP address of the ESXi server or XenServer that will host the SD-WAN Center Virtual Machine (VM).
  • A unique name to assign to the SD-WAN Center VM.
  • The amount of memory to allocate for the SD-WAN Center VM.
  • The amount of disk capacity to allocate for the virtual disk for the VM.
  • The Gateway IP Address the SD-WAN Center will use to communicate with external networks.
  • The subnet mask for the network in which the SD-WAN Center VM will reside.