How to Perform a Software Upgrade

You can use the Software Upgrade option to upgrade your SD-WAN Center software to the latest version. The software upgrade process places SD-WAN Center into maintenance mode. If a database migration is required, this process can take several hours. During this time, no statistics data will be collected from the Virtual WAN, and all SD-WAN Center functionality will be unavailable.


Running the upgrade during maintenance hours is recommended. Note

Download the appropriate SD-WAN Center software package to your local computer. You can download this package from

To upload and install a new version of the SD-WAN Center software

  1. In the SD-WAN Center web interface, click the Administration tab.

  2. Click Global Settings and then click Software Upgrade.

    localized image

  3. Click Browse to open a file browser, and select the software package you want to upload.

  4. Click Upload to upload the selected software package to the current SD-WAN Center virtual machine.

  5. After the upload completes, click Install.

  6. When prompted to confirm, click Install.

  7. In the dialog box that appears, select the I accept the End User License Agreement checkbox, and then click Install.

How to Perform a Software Upgrade