How to View MOS for Applications

The mean opinion score (MOS) provides a numerical measure of the quality of the experience that an application delivers to end users. It is primarily used for VoIP applications. In SD-WAN, MOS is also used to assess the quality of non-VoIP applications by judging the traffic as if it were a VoIP call.

SD-WAN Center calculates and displays MOS for the traffic that passes through the virtual path. Enable the Estimate MOS option for each application on every SD-WAN appliance to display the MOS scores of these applications in SD-WAN Center.

For more information about enabling MOS for applications in SD-WAN, see How to Add Rule Groups and Enable MOS.


Enable the Track Performance option, under Rules to estimate MOS for applications and display it in SD-WAN Center. For more information on rules, see How to Create Rules.

To view MOS for applications:

In SD-WAN Center, navigating to Reporting > Applications, and in the timeline control select a time period.

For more information about using the timeline control, see How to Use Timeline Controls.

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You can view the following metrics:

  • Name: Name of the application.
  • Average Virtual WAN MOS: Average quality score calculated over the selected time period.
  • Lowest Virtual WAN MOS: Lowest quality score calculated within the selected time period.  

The scores are graded as follows:

  • 5 – Users are very satisfied.
  • 4 – Users are satisfied.
  • 3 – Users are dissatisfied.
  • 2 – Users are very dissatisfied.
  • 1 – Not recommended.

How to View MOS for Applications