NetScaler SD-WAN Center is a centralized management system that enables you to configure, monitor, and analyze all the NetScaler SD-WAN appliances on your WAN. It reduces the configuration errors and the time taken to deploy SD-WAN appliances. It also provides visibility into the SD-WAN network and application performance by allowing you to generate reports and statistics across multiple NetScaler SD-WAN appliances.

The NetScaler SD-WAN Center web interface allows you to easily navigate and view various graphs and reports. It also allows you to easily configure the SD-WAN Center.

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The basic navigation elements are as follows:

  • Title bar – The dark grey bar at the top of every SD-WAN Center Web Interface page displays the software version currently running on the appliance, and the user name for the current login session. Click the down-arrow next to the version number to see the IP address and version number of the SD-WAN Center. Click the down-arrow next to the user name and select Logout to log out of SD-WAN Center.
  • Main menu bar – The blue bar below the title bar on every SD- WAN Center Web Interface screen contains the section tabs.
  • Section tabs – The section tabs in the blue main menu bar at the top of each page provide access to the top-level categories for the SD-WAN Center Web Interface pages and forms. Each section has its own navigation tree for navigating the page hierarchy in that section. Click a section tab to display the navigation tree and default page for that section.
  • Navigation tree – The navigation tree for the currently selected section appears in the left pane, below the main menu bar. Click a section tab to display the navigation tree for that section. Click a branch (topic) in the tree to reveal the default page for that topic.
  • Breadcrumbs – At the top of each page, just below the main menu bar, breadcrumbs show the navigation path to the current page. Active navigation links are blue. The name of the current page is black.
  • Page area – The right pane displays the work area for the selected page. Select an item in the navigation tree to display the default page for that item.
  • Page tabs – Some pages contain tabs for displaying child pages for that topic or configuration form. These are usually located at the top of the page area, just below the breadcrumbs.
  • Page area resizing – For some pages, you can grow or shrink the width of the page area (or sections of it) to reveal additional fields in a table or form. Where this is the case, a gray, vertical resize bar appears on the right border of the page area pane, form, or table. You can roll your cursor over the resize bar until the cursor changes to a bidirectional arrow, and then click and drag the bar to the right or left to grow or shrink the width of the area.

If the resize bar is not available for a page, you can click and drag the right edge of your browser to display the full page.