NetScaler SD-WAN SaaS Gateway Service


The Citrix SaaS Gateway Service is currently available as a “Technical Preview” feature only. For more information, please consult the Citrix Sales team.

The Citrix SD-WAN SaaS Gateway Service delivers SD-WAN functionalities as a service through reliable and secure delivery for all internet-bound traffic regardless of the host environment (data center, cloud, and internet). This improves network visibility and management. It enables partners to offer managed SD-WAN services for business critical SaaS applications to their end customers.

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Citrix SaaS Gateway Service Workflow:

Before you begin to use the SaaS Gateway Service, ensure that the following steps are completed:

  1. Have a 410-SE platform edition appliance with SD-WAN release version 9.3.3 or higher.

  2. Perform the single step upgrade procedure to install the software version that supports SaaS Gateway Service.

  3. Configure MCN appliance and setup 410-SE branch appliance:

    • Enable SaaS Gateway Service in the 410-SE appliance SD-WAN GUI.

    • Perform change management process on the MCN appliance:

    • Create Intranet Service or use existing Intranet Service. It is recommended to configure two WAN links, with one as primary and other as secondary.

    • Create Application object for application based routes.

    • Create Application routes or IP based routes for a selected SaaS application.

Configure the MCN and branch (410-SE) site appliances.

  • Primary MCN: The primary Master Control Node of the SD-WAN network. The MCN is responsible for managing the SD-WAN configurations and software versions for all the clients and serves as a mediator between clients.

  • Client: A client receives its appliance configuration from an MCN and participates in the SD-WAN network as described by the Configuration.

To configure 410-SE appliance to use Citrix SaaS Gateway Service:

  1. In the SD-WAN GUI, navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > SaaS Gateway Service . Click Enable.

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  2. On the MCN appliance, navigate to Configuration > Virtual WAN > Configuration Editor. The Basic tab page is displayed.

  3. Select the Site for which you want to configure Intranet Service. Click the Connections tab. Complete Intranet Service configuration.

Configure Intranet Service and WAN Links:

  1. Navigate to Intranet Services. Click Add Service. Type a name for the intranet service and click Add.

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  2. Select a Firewall Zone and click Apply.

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  3. Go to WAN Links. Configure one or two WAN links, and click Apply. See Configure WAN Links for branch site, for more information.

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Configure Application Objects and Application Routes:

To configure application objects and routes; go to Global > Applications. Select Application Objects and configure applications to be directed using the SaaS Gateway Service.

See Application Routes for more information about configuring Application objects and routes.

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To configure Application Routes, go to Connections > Application Routes. Add required application routes.

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Configuration Deployment:

After adding and configuring sites with Intranet service and application routes, you can push the configuration files to the site appliances by performing Change Management.

Ensure that all the site appliances are powered on and connected.

To deploy configuration:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Virtual WAN > Change Management. Begin the change management procedure to deploy Citrix SaaS Gateway Service enabled SD-WAN Intranet Service configuration to the branch site appliances, and the SD-WAN Center management dashboard.
  2. After successful deployment, the SD-WAN GUI dashboard for the site appliance displays the Citrix SaaS Gateway Service configuration.

NetScaler SD-WAN SaaS Gateway Service