Hardware platforms

The following sections describe the hardware specifications, installation, and initial configuration for all NetScaler SD-WAN hardware platforms:

Hardware Platforms Describes the NetScaler hardware platforms and provides detailed information about each platform and its components.
Preparing for Installation Describes how to unpack the NetScaler appliance and prepare the site and rack for installing the appliance. Lists the cautions and warnings that you should review before you install the appliance.
Installing the Hardware Describes the steps to install the rails, mount the hardware, connect the cables, and turn on the appliance.
Initial Configuration Describes how to perform initial configuration of your NetScaler appliance and assign management and network IP addresses.

Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN hardware platforms:

The Citrix compliance regulatory models for the appliance editions are:

  • SD-WAN 400, 800, 1000: NS 504-2
  • SD-WAN 410 Standard Edition: 512-2
  • SD-WAN 2000 (all editions): NS 6xCu
  • SD-WAN 2100 Standard Edition: 1U1P1A
  • ​SD-WAN 3000 (all editions): NS 6xCu 6xSFP
  • ​SD-WAN 4000 (all editions): 4x10GE SFP+ 8xSFP
  • ​SD-WAN 5000 (all editions): 8x10GE SFP+ 96GB
  • ​SD-WAN 4100 (all editions): 2U1P1B
  • ​SD-WAN 5100 (all editions): 2U1P1D

Hardware platforms