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Deployment Topology

Aug 31, 2017

The following figure shows a SD-WAN 4000/5000 appliance in inline mode.

Figure 1. Basic cabling for inline mode

As shown in the above figure, inline mode is a two-arm mode. For inline deployments, the NetScaler instance is configured in L2 (bridged) mode, but the accelerators are connected internally to the NetScaler instance in a one-arm configuration.

Inline mode is the easiest mode to configure. You connect one port of an accelerated pair to the WAN router and the other to the LAN network. The appliance transparently accelerates traffic flowing between the two ports, which to the rest of the network appear to be an Ethernet bridge.

You can also deploy the appliance to accelerate traffic from certain resources only, such as back-end servers, and not the traffic of the entire network. Such an arrangement reserves the appliance’s resources for the selected traffic. In this case, you install the appliance on the branch network that includes the resources for with you want to accelerate traffic.

The following figure shows partial site acceleration:

Figure 2. Partial site acceleration