Product Documentation

Sizing Guidelines

Aug 09, 2017

For successful deployment of one or more SD-WAN 4000/5000 appliances in your datacenter, keep the following principles in mind:

  • You must provide enough SD-WAN 4000/5000 peak-load capacity, in terms of WAN bandwidth and the number of users. See the current specifications sheet for the capacities of different SD-WAN 4000/5000 models: (In the spec sheet, the number of users is referred to as “HDX sessions”). Ensure adequate peak-load capacity, both for now and for the time until you expect to upgrade. Acceleration is resource intensive, and performance suffers if the appliance runs short of resources. Never overcommit any SD-WAN appliance, especially in the datacenter. Provision your datacenter to easily accommodate peak loads.
  • Provide enough capacity for expected expansion over the life of the deployment. SD-WAN 4000/5000 appliances using the same hardware platform can have their capacity upgraded with a new license as part of the Citrix pay-as-you-grow program. SD-WAN 4000/5000 models 310, 500, and 1000 use one hardware platform, and models 1500 and 2000 use another hardware platform. This means that, for example, a SD-WAN 4000/5000 500 can be converted through a license upgrade to a SD-WAN 4000/5000 1000, but not to a SD-WAN 4000/5000 1500.
  • For more capacity than can be provided by a single appliance, multiple SD-WAN 4000/5000 appliances can be cascaded behind a stand-alone NetScaler appliance.
  • Different models have differing numbers of traffic ports. If you require multiple bridges, make sure your model has at least as many as you need.