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NetScaler SD-WAN 2100 SE

Jun 12, 2018

The Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN 2100-SE platform is a 1U appliance with 8 core processor and 32 GB (GB) of memory.

The following figure shows the front panel of the SD-WAN 2100-SE appliance.

Figure 1. Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN 2100-SE appliance, front panel

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SD-WAN 2100-SE appliance has the following ports:

  • An RS232 serial console port.
  • Copper Ethernet (RJ45) Port called the Lights out Management (LOM) port labeled LOM, and management port labeled 0/1. You can use these ports to remotely monitor and manage the appliance independently of the appliance’s software.
  • USB ports.
  • Four 1000Base-TX copper Ethernet ports.
  • Four 1GE SFP ports. 

Port Labels - old 2100-SE Front Bezel



Lights out management 



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Port Labels - new 2100-SE Front Bezel


LOM 0/1 

Lights out management 


Reserved for future use (Management)

  • A copper Ethernet (RJ45) Port called the Lights out Management (LOM) port labeled lights out management and 0/1. You can use this port to remotely monitor and manage the appliance independently of the appliance’s software.

  • A copper Ethernet (RJ45) management port, labeled 0/2. This management port cannot be used for system administration functions. This port is reserved for future use.

Figure 2. Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN 2100-SE appliance, back panel

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The following components are visible on the back panel of the SD-WAN 2100-SE appliance: 

  • 240 GB removable solid-state drive, which stores the appliance’s software and user data, and 1 TB hard disk drive. 
  • Power switch, which switches power to the appliance on or off. Press the switch for five seconds to switch off the power. 
  • Non-maskable interrupt (NMI) button, for use at the request of Technical Support to produce a core dump. You can use a pen, pencil, or other pointed object to press this red button, which is recessed to prevent unintentional activation. 
  • Single power supply, rated at 450 watts, 100–240 volts.  

Upgrade 2100 SE Appliance to 2100 EE Appliance


To use EE functionality, you need SD-WAN release 10.0 on the 2100 EE appliances and install EE licenses. The SD-WAN release 9.3 and higher software release versions support 2100 EE.

  • 2100 SE ships with only one SSD (240GB) and one blank carrier.

  • If you want to upgrade to an EE appliance, you can order the kit.

    • Kit includes an additional SSD (480GB) and appropriate license for EE.
  • Upon receiving the kit, install the new 480GB drive in the empty slot (leaving original SSD as is), upgrade to SD-WAN release 10.0, and apply new EE license.

Insert Solid State Drive (SSD)  1. Insert the required SSD in the standard edition appliance. For instructions about how to insert SSD, see Solid State Drive (Field Replaceable Unit).

  • 2100 SE appliance requires 480 GB or more SSD.

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    2. Restart the appliance through the SD-WAN web management interface.

    3. Ensure that the software release version installed on the appliance is SD-WAN release version 9.3.3.

Appliances shipped with software release version 9.3.3

For appliances shipped with 9.3.3 or new manufacture image. Follow the steps provided here; upgrade new appliance.

  1. Upgrade the network using single step upgrade to software release version 10.0 or later.
  2. Install the Enterprise Edition platform license. For license information, see the Citrix SD-WAN product downloads site.

Configure Management IP Address Using Serial Console

  1. Access serial console of the appliance.
  2. Log in using the root/nsroot credentials.
  3. Type the ssh admin@ -l admin command.
  4. Type password: password.
  5. Type ** the **management_ip** command.
  6. Type the **set interface** command.
  7. Type the **apply** command.