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License Procedure

Aug 09, 2017

Pre-requisites for using Remote License Server for SD-WAN appliances.

  • NTP should be configured for both License server and SD-WAN (date and time should be in-sync)
  • Remote License Server version should be 11.13.1 or earlier.

It is recommended that you use the latest License Server version:

  • Release 9.2: 11.13.1 L.S
  • Release 9.1: 11.13.1 L.S
  • Release 9.0: 11.13.1 L.S 
  • Release 8.1: 11.12.1 L.S 

Use Cases

  1.  Remote license server reachable through the management network without using data/apA Ports.

localized image

     2. Remote license server in the Branch network.

localized image

     3. SD-WAN VPX-SE - PBR deployment in the Branch office.

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Deployment scenarios not supported for 9.2

     4. Remote license server deployed in Data Center reachable through the data/apA Ports.

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Local License

Importing SD-WAN VPX-SE license deployed on XenServer/ESXi:

  1. In the SD-WAN web management interface, navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > Licensing.
  2. Select Local and upload the License. Click Upload and Install
  3. Save your changes by clicking Apply Settings.

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Remote License

  1. In the SD-WAN web management interface, navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > Licensing.
  2. Select Remote and enter the Remote Server-IP address details. 

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