Single-Step Upgrade for SD-WAN Appliances


To use single step upgrade feature, the MCN must run a version which supports single step upgrade. For example; SD-WAN 9.3.x.

In release 9.3, a single step upgrade package using the SD-WAN GUI change management option to upgrade non-SD-WAN components in the network for all applicable platform editions has been introduced. The MCN distributes all necessary software components to the sites (Branch) in the network.

After the branch receives the upgrade component files, these can be installed at scheduled time intervals as specified by the user. If the scheduled time is not specified, it uses the default time which is set by MCN for all branches.

The MCN also generates packages for sites on demand. Download the active package from the active hyperlink under the Download LCM package. You can bring or boot strap a new site into the network using this package. All software components will be installed using the Single Bundle Upgrade (.tar.gz) package. The MCN keeps a copy of the software.

Pre-requisites to Perform Single Step Upgrade

  • Have the SD-WAN 9.3 Virtual WAN software installed. Use the existing upgrade procedure to upgrade from any previous release version to the current 9.3 Virtual WAN software version. Do not use SBU (single bundle upgrade) procedure to upgrade from an older Virtual WAN software version to 9.3 version.
  • After the SD-WAN 9.3 Virtual WAN software is installed, follow the single step upgrade (.zip) procedure to upgrade WANOP components and XenServer supplemental software packages. You can use the SD-WAN GUI to schedule upgrade of these additional components through the Change Management Settings page. The above pre-requisite does not apply for upgrading from release version 9.3 to the 9.3.x latest build version.


Change management upload error occurs, if you attempt to perform single step upgrade (.zip file) from previous versions to 9.3.

It is recommended that you use build version 9.3.0.x and above to use the single step upgrade procedure.

Review the following upgrade procedures to upgrade to software release version 9.3.

Upgrade to 9.3 with working Virtual WAN configuration

Upgrade to 9.3 without working Virtual WAN configuration

Supported Upgrade and Downgrade Scenarios

Following are the supported upgrade and downgrade scenarios for SD-WAN SE and EE appliances. It is assumed that we are upgrading Virtual WAN software first and then upgrading the other components after the required software is staged at the branch sites or on the MCN.

Factory shipped appliances

You can download local change management package from MCN and apply it on the factory shipped appliance. After the local change management package is applied to the branch site boxes, all relevant components are upgraded immediately without waiting for maintenance window, if applicable.

Appliances with legacy Virtual WAN software

  1. The appliances currently in an active network with virtual paths up and running

    • In this case, the appliances receive packages from MCN. The components are installed all the files from MCN are received and it is in the scheduled time window.
  2. The appliances are currently out of the network with virtual paths down.

    • In this case, the process is similar to the appliances which are factory shipped. You need to download local change management from MCN and upload the package to the branch site appliances.

Appliances with single-step upgrade support

The appliance stages multiple files applicable at the branch site based on the appliance model and platform edition. The version information is reported by the branch site and/or configuration options, if applicable. The branch site appliances perform the upgrade utilizing the staged files. The non-Virtual WAN software components can be installed based on the preferences, manual and/or schedule.

Version switch or revert

Downgrading to a previous version of Virtual WAN software is supported. With single step upgrade process, you can install WANOP software packaged with a given Virtual WAN software version. You can only upgrade hotfix and/or SVM versions if the software versions in the packages are higher.

Single step upgrade to legacy Virtual WAN software support

You can re-install the legacy software with the required configurations (using tar.gz files).

Downgrading to previous software version

If you upgraded an existing software version to release version 9.3 using the tar.gz upgrade process, you can downgrade the software version to a previous software version.

If you used the .zip (single step upgrade) procedure to upgrade to version 9.3, you cannot downgrade the software version to a previous software version.

Single Step upgrade in High Availability Deployment Mode

During single step upgrade if HA flip happens then, you need to switch back to the old primary appliance manually, or upload the single bundle package to the new primary appliance.

Single-Step Upgrade for SD-WAN Appliances