Product Documentation

Standard MIB Support

Aug 09, 2017


You must download the following SNMP files before you can start monitoring a NetScaler SD-WAN appliance:

  • SDX-MIB-smiv2.mib 

The MIB files are used by SNMPv3 managers and SNMPv3 trap listeners. The files include the SD-WAN appliance enterprise MIBs, which provides SD-WAN-specific events. To download MIB files, in the SD-WAN web management interface:

1. Navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > SNMP > Download MIB File page. 

2. Select the required MIB file.

3. Click View.

The MIB file opens in MIB browser.

Additional Notes

  • Support for these MIBs is provided by default by the net-snmp snmpd daemon process on Linux systems. The MIBs provide the basis for supporting Network Management applications, for example: Nagios or SolarWinds.

  • The Ethernet port packet and byte counters are in the IF-MIB inside the ifTable. System information is in the system object.

  • Ethernet ports are included in the ifTable, so walking that should be sufficient to ensure that the SNMP subsystem is running.

  • Support for the Q-BRIDGE-MIB and the IP-MIB provides support for the network mapping application in SolarWinds.


For additional information about adding SNMP manager, configuring SNMP View/Alarm, and adding SNMP server, see the CloudBridge 7.4 documentation at: