Supported NetScaler configurations

Depending on the NetScaler configuration and the partition in which the configuration is performed, NetScaler configurations can be categorized into three types of configurations as given below.


  • Admin partitions cannot be set up on a NetScaler cluster. This means that a NetScaler cluster cannot be partitioned.
  • Admin partitions cannot be set up on a NetScaler MPX-FIPS appliance.
  • Case 3 lists the NetScaler features that are not supported in admin partitions.

Case 1 (global configurations)

Configurations that can be performed ONLY in the default partition and which are available or impact all the admin partitions.

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  • Updates to built-in entities for monitors, TCP profiles, HTTP profiles, and so on.
  • Updates to global parameters for syslog, nslog, weblog, content switching, IPSEC, SIP, DHCP, Surge protection, TCP buffering, and system collection.
  • High availability (HA) configurations
  • Interface and VLAN changes
  • User configurations

Case 2 (partition-specific configurations)

Configurations that can be performed independently in default and admin partitions. These configurations are applicable only to the partition in which they are performed.

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  • Getting traffic level statistics for a partition.
  • Partition admin can update IP bindings for VLAN which is bound to that partition. But cannot update the interface bindings.
  • Clearing NetScaler configurations.
  • Feature-specific parameters for the following features: AppFlow, AppQoE, HTTP compression, DNS, TCP, HTTP, encryption, responder, rewrite, and SSL.
  • Feature-specific configurations such as virtual servers, services, monitors, and so on.

Case 3

Configurations that cannot be performed on admin partitions. These features can be configured in the default partition, but there is no impact on admin partitions.

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Configurations that are supported on admin partitions for a particular release are marked as Yes.

Feature Component NetScaler Feature NetScaler 10.5 NetScaler 11.0 NetScaler 11.1
Policy Extensibility No Yes Yes
Load Balancing DBS AutoScale No Yes Yes
Load Balancing DNSSEC No No No
Load Balancing Diameter No No Yes
Load Balancing RTSP No No No
Load Balancing Sure Connect No Yes Yes
Load Balancing Autoscale Service Group No No Yes
Manageability RBA External Authentication No No No
Manageability RISE Cisco No No No
Manageability ACI-Cisco No No Yes
Manageability AppExpert Yes Yes Yes
Manageability HDX Insight No No No
Manageability Insight No No No
VPN Cloudbridge Connector No No No
VPN NetScaler Gateway or SSL VPN No No No
VPN Web Interface on NetSCaler No No No
SSL SSL Profile No No Yes
SSL External-HSM No No No
Infra Cache Re-direction No No No
Infra Integrated Caching (Restricted Feature) No Yes Yes
Network VXLAN No No Yes
Network Graceful Shutdown No Yes Yes
Network LSN No No No
Network IPv6 Ready Logo No No Yes
Network Vpath No No Yes
Load Balancing Datastream No Yes Yes
Logging Web logging No Yes Yes
Network L2 Param/L3 Param No Yes Yes
Network GRE Tunnel No No Yes
Loading Balancing Scriptable Monitoring No Yes Yes
Load Balancing GSLB No Yes Yes
Infra Connection Mirroring No Yes Yes
Infra FEO No Yes Yes
Infra Nstrace No Yes Yes
Load Balancing Priority Queuing No No Yes
Network HDOSP No No Yes
Network Netprofile (Restricted Feature) No No Yes
Network Networking (Restricted Feature) No No Yes
Network VRRP (Restricted Feature) No No Yes
Logging Audit Logging (SYSLOG-TCP, LB of syslog servers, SNIP support and FQDN support for syslog) No No Yes
VPN NetScaler Gateway No No No
VPN AAA-TM No Yes (except RBA authentication feature.) Yes
AppFlow Application Firewall No No No
Load Balancing TCP Buffering (Restricted Feature) No No No
Policies OCSP Responder No Yes Yes
Audit Log SYSLOG-TCP No No No
Optimization Front-end-optimization No No No
AppQoE AppQoE No Yes Yes