Use Case: ECMP with BGP routing

To configure ECMP with BGP routing protocol, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to the cluster IP address.

  2. Enable BGP routing protocol.

    > enable ns feature bgp
  3. Add VLAN and bind the required interfaces.

    > add vlan 985
    > bind vlan 985 -ifnum 0/0/1 1/0/1
  4. Add the spotted IP address and bind them to the VLAN.

    > add ns ip -ownerNode 1 -dynamicRouting ENABLED
    > add ns ip -ownerNode 2 -dynamicRouting ENABLED
    > bind vlan 985 -ipAddress
  5. Configure BGP routing protocol on ZebOS using vtysh shell.

    > vtysh
    conf t
    router bgp 65535
    neighbor remote-as  65535
  6. Configure BGP on the external switch. The following sample configurations are provided for the Cisco® Nexus 7000 C7010 Release 5.2(1) switch. Similar configurations must be performed on other switches.

    router bgp 65535
    no synchronization
    bgp log-neighbor-changes
    neighbor remote-as 65535
    neighbor remote-as 65535
      no auto-summary
    no dynamic-capability

Use Case: ECMP with BGP routing

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