Testing the GSLB setup

Note: This feature was introduced in NetScaler release 11.1 build 51.x. This is a GUI only feature.

You can test the GSLB setup to make sure that the ADNS services or the DNS servers are responding with the correct IP address for the domain name that is configured in the GSLB setup.

To test the GSLB setup by using the NetScaler GUI

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Traffic Management > GSLB.
  2. Click Test GSLB.
  3. In the Domain Name box, select the domain name that you want to test.
  4. In the ADNS Service or the DNS Server box, select one of the services or servers in the domain, and select the DNS record type, and then click Test.

A progress window appears in which the commands are triggered and the domain name that you selected for testing and its corresponding IP address based on GSLB configuration is displayed. You can check your configuration and make sure that the IP address is valid.

Repeat step 4 to test each of the services or servers.

Testing the GSLB setup