Product Documentation

Configuring Selectors and Basic Content Groups

Aug 26, 2013

You can configure selectors and apply them to content groups. When you add a selector to one or more content groups, you specify whether the selector is to be used for identifying cache hits or identifying cached objects to be invalidated (expired). Selectors are optional. Alternatively, you can configure content groups to use hit parameters and invalidation parameters. However, Citrix recommends that you configure selectors.

After configuring selectors, or deciding to use parameters instead, you are ready to set up a basic content group. After creating the basic content group, you need to decide how objects should be expired from the cache, and configure cache expiration. You can further modify the cache as described in "Improving Cache Performance" and "Configuring Cookies, Headers, and Polling", but you might first want to configure caching policies.

Note: Content group parameters and selectors are used only at request time, and you typically associate them with policies that use MAY_CACHE or MAY_NOCACHE actions.