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Configuring the NetScaler IP Address (NSIP)

Aug 28, 2013
The NetScaler IP (NSIP) address is the IP address at which you access the NetScaler for management purposes. The NetScaler can have only one NSIP, which is also called the Management IP address. You must add this IP address when you configure the NetScaler for the first time. If you modify this address, you must reboot the NetScaler. You cannot remove an NSIP address. For security reasons, NSIP should be a non-routable IP address on your organization's LAN.
Note: Configuring the NetScaler IP address is mandatory.

To create the NetScaler IP address by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

  • set ns config [-IPAddress <ip_addr> -netmask <netmask>]
  • show ns config


> set ns config -ipaddress -netmask 

To configure the NetScaler IP address by using the configuration utility

  1. In the navigation pane, click System.
  2. On the System Information tab, click Setup Wizard.
  3. In the Setup Wizard dialog box, click Next.
  4. Under System Configuration, set the following parameters:
    • IP Address
    • Netmask
  5. Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard to complete the configuration.