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Admin Partitioning

Nov 14, 2017

A NetScaler appliance can be partitioned into logical entities called admin partitions, where each partition can be configured and used as a separate NetScaler appliance. The following figure shows the partitions of a NetScaler being used by different customers and departments:

For information on how admin partitions can benefit your business, see Benefits and Uses of Admin Partitions.

A partitioned NetScaler appliance has a single default partition and one or more admin partitions. The following table provides further details on the two partition types:

Note: In a partitioned appliance, the mode BridgeBPDUs can be enabled only in the default partition and not in the administrative partitions.

Default Partition Admin Partitions


The NetScaler ships with a single partition, which is called a default partition. The default partition is retained even after the NetScaler is partitioned.

Must be explicitly created as described in Partitioning a NetScaler.    

Number of Partitions


A NetScaler appliance can have one or more (maximum of 512) admin partitions.

User Access and Roles

The default partition can be accessed and configured by all NetScaler users who are not associated with a partition-specific command policy. As always, the operations that a user can perform are restricted by the associated command policy.

Can be created only by NetScaler superusers who also specify the users for that partition. Only superusers and associated users of the partition can access and configure the admin partition.

Note: Partition users do not have shell access.    

File Structure

All files in a default partition are stored in the default NetScaler file structure.

For example, the NetScaler configuration file is stored in the /nsconfig directory and NetScaler logs are stored in the /var/log/ directory.

All files in an admin partition are stored in directory paths that have the name of the admin partition.

For example, the NetScaler configuration file (ns.conf) is stored in the /nsconfig/partitions/<partitionName> directory. Other partition-specific files are stored in the /var/partitions/<partitionName> directories.

Some other paths in an admin partition:

  • Downloaded files: /var/partitions/<partitionName>/download/
  • Log files: /var/partitions/<partitionName>/log/

Note: Currently, logging is not supported at partition-level. Therefore, this directory is empty and all logs are stored in the /var/log/ directory.

  • SSL CRL certificate related files: /var/partitions/<partitionName>/netscaler/ssl

Resources Available

All NetScaler resources.

NetScaler resources that are explicitly assigned to the admin partition.