Profile Management 2109

Initial configuration

The following graphic illustrates the environment configuration in this case study.


Windows 7 machines are configured to use Office 2007 published on Citrix XenApp 6.5.

The domain includes Windows 2008 domain controllers running Active Directory at Windows 2008 level. All the machines belong to an OU called 2k8_Farm and the Profile Management 5.0 .adm file is added to a GPO called 2k8_Farm_PO. The following policies are configured.

Policy Value
Path to user store \FileServ1\Profiles#sAMAccountName#\%ProfVer%
Profile streaming Enabled
Active write back Enabled

A machine logon script, which sets the system environment variable %ProfVer%, runs on all machines in the OU.

Machine Type %ProfVer%
XenApp server on Windows 2008 Win2008
Windows 7 desktops Win7

So, for example, user john.smith has a profile at \\FileServ1\Profiles\john.smith\Win7 for the Windows 7 desktop and at \\FileServ1\Profiles\john.smith\Win2008 for the Citrix Virtual Apps servers. Separate profiles are maintained for desktops and servers. The administrator is aware that issues exist when profiles roam between workstation and multi-session operating systems and is being cautious.

Folder redirection is set up using Group Policy in User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection.

Initial configuration