Citrix Provisioning 2106

Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 2106 includes the following fixed issues:

  • While discovering volumes, the Imaging wizard fails with the error “Failed to discover !d! of !d! volumes on the destination disk”. [CVADHELP-17404]

  • When a UEFI target device fails over and connects to a Citrix Provisioning server, Auto Rebalance no longer works. [CVADHELP-16929]

  • The Citrix Provisioning Console freezes when the default path for a store is blank. [CVADHELP-17125]

  • Merging an image in Citrix Provisioning results in the Windows API error “0xe000057 - parameter is incorrect”. [CVADHELP-16921]

  • Target failover randomly fails when Asynchronous IO is enabled on the vDisk. Target hangs and becomes unresponsive. [CVADHELP-16717]

  • After upgrading to 1912 CU1, the Target Device displays the message that it doesn’t have a license and has entered a grace period. The device continues to run for days before requiring a reboot. [CVADHELP-17157]

  • After upgrading to 1912 CU2, the TFTP control panel does not restart the TFTP service. If you install the Citrix Provisioning server on a system with two NICs, then use the configuration wizard to bind the TFTP service to the other NIC and restart the TFTP service, the service fails to start. [CVADHELP-16888]

  • When using the 1912 LTSR release, the Citrix Provisioning virtual disk loses the connection to the server. [CVADHELP-16457]

  • In the 1912 release, the Export Device Wizard for large Vmware deployments takes a long time to filter target devices that can be exported to Citrix Cloud. [CVADHELP-16996]

  • On Citrix Provisioning LTSR 1912 CU1 servers, CPU consumption is 90% or more. [CVADHELP-16495]

Fixed issues