Citrix Provisioning 2106

What’s new

This release of Citrix Provisioning includes the enhancements described in the following sections. It includes several fixes for issues seen in past releases, and new issues that we’ve identified.


Use the most recent version of the Citrix License Server to receive the latest provisioning features.

When upgrading Citrix Provisioning to the newest version, the latest License Server version is required. If you do not upgrade to the latest version of the License Server, the product license enters the 30-day grace period.

For more information, see Licensing.

Windows Server 2022 support

Components, features, and technologies that support Windows Server operating systems now also support Windows Server 2022, unless noted otherwise. For more information, see Windows Server 2022 support.

Windows Support

Citrix Provisioning now supports Windows 10 21H1.

Support for new Linux streaming target devices

For Linux streaming, the following operating systems are now supported:

  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04.5, 20.04
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3

Boot support for Linux targets in UEFI mode is also included.

See Streaming Linux target devices for details.

New performance counters

The Provisioning Server supports the following new performance counters for reporting IO failures. In addition, all performance counters are now 64-bit.

Vdisk WRITE failed perf_counter_large_rawcount Total count of failed attempts to write to a vDisk file.
Vdisk READ failed perf_counter_large_rawcount Total count of failed attempts to read from a vDisk file.
IO-Reply Send failed perf_counter_large_rawcount Total count of failed attempts to send vDisk IO replies.
Device Count Active perf_counter_large_rawcount Count of devices that this provisioning server is currently streaming.
Device Count Timeout perf_counter_large_rawcount Total count of devices that have no heartbeat or IO activity for 90 seconds (default) and are timed out by the Citrix Provisioning server.
Device Count Cache Failover perf_counter_large_rawcount Count of devices configured to use a local disk for write cache, but unexpectedly fail over to use the write cache on the server.
Device Count Forced Reconnect perf_counter_large_rawcount Total count of devices that are forced by the provisioning server to reconnect.

For more about performance counters, see Stream process performance counters.

Starting VM number for Streamed VM and Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup

The Streamed VM Setup Wizard now includes a starting VM number, as does the Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup Wizard.

What’s new