Citrix Analytics for Security

Self-service search for Policies

Citrix Analytics for Security allows you to create policies and apply actions on unusual or suspicious events on user accounts. When the user events meet your defined policies, the actions are automatically applied on the user accounts to isolate the threat and prevent future anomalous events from occurring. Using the self-service search, you can view the user events that have met your defined policies and view the actions applied on these anomalous events.

For more information on the search functionalities, see Self-service search.

Select the Policies data set

To view the events related to the defined policies, select Policies from the list. By default, the self-service page displays the events for the last one day. You can also select the time period for which you want to view the events.

Policies selection


You can also access the Self-service search for Policies page from the Security > Users > Policies and Actions dashboard. Select a policy on the dashboard to view the user events related to the policy. For more information, see the Policies and Actions dashboard.

Select the facets to filter events

The facet list displays the applied actions on the user events. Select the applied actions from the facet list and view the events based on the applied actions. For more information on the actions that you can apply while configuring policies, see What are actions?

Policies filters

Specify search query to filter events

Place your cursor in the search box to view the list of dimensions for the events related to policies. Use the dimensions and the operators to specify your query and search for the required events.

Policies dimensions

For example, you want to view the anomalous events of a user “user8” where the action applied for those events is “Disable user.”

  1. Enter “user” in the search box to get the related dimensions.

    Policies query 1

  2. Select User-Name and enter the value “user8” using the equal operator.

    Policies query 2

  3. Select the AND operator and then select the Action-Applied dimension. Enter the string “Disable user” for Action-Applied using the equal operator.


    If the string value contains two or more words, it must be enclosed with the operator “”<!--NeedCopy--> . For example, “Disable user”<!--NeedCopy--> , “Stop Session Recording”.

    Policies query 3

    To identify the possible string values for Action-Applied, expand the facet list and use the filter name as the string in your search query.

    Policies facet values

  4. Select the time period and click Search to view the events on the DATA table.

Self-service search for Policies