Session Recording

Fixed issues

Compared with: Session Recording 2204

Session Recording 2206 adds the following fixes:

  • Recording viewing policies (playback permissions) that you set might not show on the Playback Permissions page of the Session Recording service. The issue occurs after upgrading to Session Recording 2204. As a workaround, run the following script in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that corresponds to your Session Recording database:

     ALTER procedure [dbo].[EnumPlayerUserDeliveryGroupPoliciesOnCloud]
     set nocount on
     select 3 as RoleType,
     a.ID as RoleAccountID,
     h.principleName as PrincipleName,
     a.IsEnabled as IsEnabled, as PolicyType,
     d.DeliveryGroupID as AccountMemberAccountID,
     g.Name as AccountMemberName
     from PlayerUserCloudAccountRoleConfigure a,
     PlayerUserPolicyConfigSetMember b,
     PlayerUserPolicyDeliveryGroupSetMember d,
     PlayerUserPolicyType e,
     DeliveryGroup g,
     PlayerUserCloudAccount h
     and b.PlayerUserPolicyTypeID = e.ID
     and a.PlayerUserPolicyConfigSetID = b.PlayerUserPolicyConfigSetID
     and b.PolicySetID = d.PlayerUserPolicyDeliveryGroupSetID
     and g.ID=d.DeliveryGroupID
     and h.ID=a.CloudAccountID


Fixed issues