Session Recording

Enable or disable lossy video codec

Lossy video codec lets you adjust compression options to reduce the size of recording files and to accelerate navigating recorded sessions during playback. Lossy video codec is suitable for use when:

  • the size of recording files per time unit is too large, or
  • there is a lag while you fast forward or rewind during recording playback.

To enable the lossy video codec feature, open the Lossy Video tab of Session Recording Agent Properties and adjust the compression options to your needs. We recommend you use the default values unless there is a practical need to change the values.

Lossy video codec

For a description of compression options, see the following table:

Compression option Description Default value Remarks
Video fluency (FPS) Low: 1, Medium: 10, High: 20 Low N/A
Video image quality Low: minCrf:33 maxCrf:45, Medium: minCrf:25 maxCrf:37, High: minCrf:18 maxCrf:30 Low N/A
I-Frame interval (seconds) 60, 120, 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 3600 600 The larger the I-Frame interval value, the smaller the storage space occupied by the compressed video. The smaller the I-Frame interval value, the better the seeking experience (fast forward and rewind).
Cursor refresh rate (times per second) Low: 3, Medium: 5, High: 10 Low N/A
Enable or disable lossy video codec

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