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Specify a proxy server for StorageZones

The StorageZones Controllers console enables you to specify a proxy server for StorageZones Controllers. You can also specify a proxy server using other methods.

Primary and secondary StorageZones Controllers communicate with each other using HTTP. If all HTTP traffic is configured to go through an outbound proxy server that does not support connections back to an internal server, you must configure both the primary and secondary StorageZones Controllers to bypass the proxy server so they can communicate with each other, as described in the following steps.

Important: The bypass list settings appear only for the latest StorageZones Controller release. If you are using StorageZones Controller 2.2 through 2.2.2, you must manually add a bypass list to Web.config for each secondary server, as described in Web.config.

  1. In the StorageZones Controller console (http://localhost/configservice/login.aspx), click the Networking tab.
  2. Select the Enable Proxy check box and enter the proxy server Address and Port.
  3. Select an Authentication Mode and specify your Windows account designated for ShareFile proxy access.
  4. If your site proxies all outbound HTTP traffic and a zone has multiple StorageZones Controllers, configure bypass settings:
    • If all StorageZones Controller traffic is on the same subnet, select the Bypass proxy… check box so the controllers can communicate with each other.
    • If the StorageZones Controllers are on different subnets, enter the primary StorageZones Controller hostname or IP address in Bypass Address.
  5. Restart the IIS server of all zone members.

Specify a proxy server for StorageZones

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