Authentication methods

To configure the authentication methods available for a store, see Configure Authentication. You can override some of these settings for a particular web site. These overrides only apply using Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 through a web browser. Locally installed Citrix Workspace app uses the settings from the store rather than the web site.

Warning: Any time you change the authentication methods for a store, this overrides the settings for all websites for that store so any changes must be re-applied.

To modify authentication methods, go to Edit Receiver for web site and select the Authentication Methods tab.

Screenshot of Session Settings screen

  • Select the Username and password check box to enable explicit authentication. See User name and password authentication. This option is only available if it’s enabled for the store.
  • Select the SAML Authentication check box to enable integration with a SAML Identity Provider. See SAML authentication. This option is only available if it’s been enabled for the store.
  • Select Domain pass-through to enable pass-through of Active Directory domain credentials from users’ devices. See Domain pass-through authentication. This option is only available if it has been enabled for the store.
  • Select Smart card to enable smart card authentication. See Smart card authentication.
  • Select Pass-through from Citrix Gateway to enable pass-through authentication from Citrix Gateway. Enable this if users connect to StoreFront through a Citrix Gateway with authentication enabled. See Pass-through from Citrix Gateway.

Configure using PowerShell SDK

To configure the available authentication methods using the PowerShell SDK, use the cmdlet Set-STFWebReceiverAuthenticationMethods.

Authentication methods