Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed since version 3.11:

  • If the Administrator changes the group policy setting, MaxPasswordAge, the StoreFront default domain service does not reload the new value. In StoreFront, the user may be shown the incorrect “number of days until password expiry”.

    Note: This issue is fixed, however it can take up to an hour for the new value to load. [#DNA-41380]

  • Attempts to reconnect to disconnected sessions might fail within a multi-Site aggregation deployment. As a result, you might receive a second instance of the same resource. [#LC7453]

  • When any of the sources of an aggregated application are disabled, the application might be unexpectedly hidden from the end user. [#LC7675]

  • Attempts to disable the “Account Self-Service” option in StoreFront might not take effect, even though the option appears as disabled. [#LC7744]

  • Attempts to remove shared authentication from Stores in StoreFront might result in the following error message while saving the changes:

    An error occurred while saving your changes. [#LC7781]

  • This release contains a fix which addresses a security vulnerability. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX277455. [LCM-7272]

Fixed issues