Configure Resource Filtering

This topic explains how to filter enumeration resources based on resource type and keywords. You can use this type of filtering with the more advanced customization offered by the Store Customization SDK. Using this SDK, you can control which apps and desktops are displayed to users, modify access conditions, and adjust launch parameters. For more information, see the Store Customization SDK.

Note: The StoreFront and PowerShell consoles cannot be open at the same time. Always close the StoreFront admin console before using the PowerShell console to administer your StoreFront configuration. Likewise, close all instances of PowerShell before opening the StoreFront console.

Configure filtering

Configure the filter using PowerShell cmdlets defined within the StoresModule. Use the following PowerShell snippet to load the required modules:

$dsInstallProp = Get-ItemProperty `
-Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Citrix\DeliveryServicesManagement -Name InstallDir
$dsInstallDir = $dsInstallProp.InstallDir
& $dsInstallDir\..\Scripts\ImportModules.ps1

Filter by type

Use this to filter the resource enumeration by resource type. This is an inclusive filter, meaning it removes any resources that are not of the specified types from the resource enumeration result. Use the following cmdlets:

Set-DSResourceFilterType: Sets up enumeration filtering based on resource types.

Get-DSResourceFilterType: Gets the list of resource types that Storefront is allowed to return in enumeration.

Note: Resource types are applied before keywords.

Filter by keywords

Use this to filter resources based on keywords, such as resources derived from XenDesktop or XenApp. Keywords are generated from mark-up in the description field of the corresponding resource.

The filter can operate either in inclusive or exclusive mode, but not both. The inclusive filter allows enumeration of resources matching the configured keywords and removes non matching resources from the enumeration. The exclusive filter removes resources matching the configured keywords from the enumeration. Use the following cmdlets:

Set-DSResourceFilterKeyword: Sets up enumeration filtering based on resource keywords.

Get-DSResourceFilterKeyword: Gets the list of filter keywords.

The following keywords are reserved and must not be used for filtering:

  • Auto
  • Mandatory

For more information on keywords, see Optimize the user experience and Application delivery.


This command will set filtering to exclude workflow resources from enumeration:

Set-DSResourceFilterKeyword -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath "/Citrix/Store" -ExcludeKeywords @("WFS")

This example will set allowed resource types to applications only:

Set-DSResourceFilterType -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath "/Citrix/Store" -IncludeTypes @("Applications")
Configure Resource Filtering