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  • Web Interface 5.4

Web Interface 5.4

Mar 17, 2016

Web Interface 5.4 (PDF Download)

This guide contains Web Interface 5.4 administration information about features, system requirements, installation, configuration, secure access, customizations, and more.

The contents of the Web Interface download include:

  • Web Interface Features
  • New in this Release
  • Web Interface Components
  • System Requirements
  • Installation
  • Getting Started
  • Managing Servers and Farms
  • Configuring Authentication for the Web Interface
  • Managing Clients
  • Managing Secure Access
  • Editing Client-Side Proxy Settings
  • Customizing the Appearance for Users
  • Managing Session Preferences
  • Configuring Workspace Control
  • Configuring Web Interface Security
  • Configuring Sites Using the Configuration File
  • Configuring AD FS Support for the Web Interface

Citrix SCOM Management Pack for Web Interface

Web Interface 5.4