Known issues

  • If you assign a printer to a user based on a filter and the assignment satisfies the filter criteria, the WEM agent assigns the printer to the user. However, the agent still assigns the printer to the user the next time the user logs on even when the assignment does not satisfy the filter criteria at that time. [WEM-11680, CVADHELP-16818]

  • When you assign an action to a user or user group through an action group, the action still takes effect even if it is set to Disabled in the administration console. [WEM-12757, CVADHELP-17406]

  • Attempts to upgrade the WEM database from version 2003 or earlier to version 2009 or later might fail if you specify a different schema (not dbo) as the default schema. [WEM-13319]

  • On Windows 10 machines, environment and certain other settings that you configured in the administration console might not work. [WEM-14193]

Known issues

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