Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 2206 contains the following fixed issues compared with Workspace Environment Management 2203:

  • In Administration Console > Administration > Logging > Agent, when you view the registration status of agent machines you added to Workspace Environment Management, no matches appear. [WEM-17065]

  • When you view administrative or agent logs in Administration Console > Administration > Logging, you can select an end date that is earlier than the start date. Also, when you view agent logs for a specific date, no results are shown. [WEM-17629]

  • Attempts to restore self-elevation rules to a different configuration set might fail. [WEM-18602]

  • When you import your AppLocker rules exported from the Microsoft AppLocker console into WEM, rules of the hash type cannot be imported. [WEM-20436]

  • After you upgrade your WEM infrastructure service to 2112 or later, the following error might appear in the Windows Event Log even if users experience no issues with their environment: System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. [WEM-20446]

Fixed issues