Product Documentation

Auto-create client printers

Apr 11, 2013

The autocreation feature creates a list of printers available to a user after logon.

To configure universal printing

Use the following Citrix policy settings to configure universal printing. For more information, refer to the on-screen policy settings help.
  • Universal print driver usage. Specifies when to use universal printing.
  • Auto-create generic universal printer. Enables or disables autocreation of the generic Citrix Universal Printer object for sessions when a user device compatible with Universal Printing is in use. By default, the generic Universal Printer object is not auto-created.
  • Universal driver preference. Specifies the order in which XenDesktop attempts to use Universal print drivers, beginning with the first entry in the list. You can add, edit, or remove drivers and change the order of the drivers in the list.
  • Universal printing preview preference. Specifies whether to use the print preview function for auto-created or generic universal printers.
  • Universal printing EMF processing mode. Controls the method of processing the EMF spool file on the Windows user device. By default, EMF records are spooled directly to the printer. Spooling directly to the printer allows the spooler to process the records faster and uses fewer CPU resources.
  • For more policies, refer to Optimize printing performance.
  • To change the defaults for settings such as paper size, print quality, color, duplex, and the number of copies, refer to How to Change the Default Settings on the Citrix Generic Universal Printer.

To auto-create printers from the user device

At the start of a session, XenDesktop auto-creates all printers on the user device by default. You can control what, if any, types of printers are provisioned to users and prevent autocreation.

Use the Citrix policy setting Auto-create client printers to control autocreation. You can specify that:

  • All printers visible to the user device, including network and locally attached printers, are created automatically at the start of each session (default)
  • All local printers physically attached to the user device is created automatically
  • Only the default printer for the user device is created automatically
  • Autocreation is disabled for all client printers

The Auto-create client printers setting requires that the Client printer redirection setting is Allowed (the default).