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Citrix QuickEdit for XenMobile

Jan 23, 2018


The End of Life (EOL) lifecycle date for Citrix QuickEdit for XenMobile is September 1, 2018. 

When a product release reaches EOL, you can use the product within the terms of your product licensing agreement, but the available support options are limited. Historical information appears in the Knowledge Center or other online resources. The documentation is no longer updated and is provided on an as-is basis. For more information about product lifecycle milestones, see the Product Matrix.


As of XenMobile Apps 10.4.5, an in-app guide is available to help users export their app settings and install the public store versions of apps like Citrix QuickEdit for XenMobile. 

Citrix QuickEdit is the editing tool for XenMobile Apps. Its compatibility with Citrix Secure Mail and Citrix ShareFile for XenMobile allow for a seamless workflow within the secure XenMobile environment.

With this app on a mobile device or tablet, users can:

  • Create and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and image files.
  • View and annotate PDFs.
  • Open and edit Secure Mail attachments with either QuickEdit or ShareFile.

Many of the standard features of the Microsoft Office suite are available in QuickEdit. For more details about QuickEdit features, consult the user guide included in the help menu of the iOS app or the Help option in the overflow menu of the Android app. You may also view the Getting Started guide in the link below.

You can configure QuickEdit to be pushed to user devices automatically when the devices are enrolled in Citrix Secure Hub, or users can add the app from the XenMobile Store. Information on integrating and delivering QuickEdit can be found further down this page.

QuickEdit is also compatible with native mail programs for easy sharing or transferring of files, either as an attachment or ShareFile link.

You can download QuickEdit from the XenMobile downloads page.

For QuickEdit and other XenMobile App system requirements, see System requirements for XenMobile Apps


Integrating and Delivering QuickEdit

To integrate and deliver QuickEdit with XenMobile, follow these general steps:

  1. You can optionally enable SSO from Secure Hub. To do that, configure ShareFile account information in XenMobile to enable XenMobile as a SAML identity provider for ShareFile.

    Configuring the ShareFile account information in XenMobile is a one-time setup used for all XenMobile, ShareFile, and non-MDX ShareFile clients. For details, see Integrating and Delivering ShareFile XenMobile Clients.

  2. Download QuickEdit.
  3. Add QuickEdit to XenMobile using the same steps as for other MDX apps. For details, see Add an MDX app.


Known Issue: Found in QuickEdit version 6.14 (iOS)

When you try to send files to SecureMail from QuickEdit or ScanDirect, the transfer fails. As a workaround, add the following file encryption exclusion within the policy settings for these apps: