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Citrix ShareFile Workflows


Secure Forms reached End of Life (EOL) on March 31, 2018. We recommend that you use ShareFile WorkFlows for XenMobile included with ShareFile Platinum and Premium accounts.

The ShareFile Workflows for XenMobile app is the mobile component of the ShareFile Custom Workflows feature. This feature allows users to create customized workflows that include multiple triggers and actions. Customized forms can be added to workflow templates and assigned to users.

When a user is assigned a form, the user can complete and submit the form via the ShareFile Workflows Mobile App. Form data storage is securely integrated with ShareFile, where workflow files are stored for review, reference, and retrieval.

Workflow and form templates are created and managed within the ShareFile web application.

End-User Documentation

End-user documentation related to creating and managing workflow and form templates can be found at the Citrix Knowledge Center:

Wrapping and adding ShareFile Workflows to XenMobile

You wrap the ShareFile Workflows mobile app with the MDX Toolkit, available on the XenMobile downloads page. Follow the instructions in Wrapping iOS Mobile Apps and Add an MDX app.

For the ShareFile Workflows for XenMobile iOS and Android apps, the following MDX policies are recommended for optimal functionality and feature support. You adjust these policies via the XenMobile console.

App Restrictions (with recommended values):

Block Camera - OFF

Block Photo Library - OFF

Block mic record - OFF

Block location service - OFF

App Network Access:

Network Access - Tunneled to the internal network

Encryption (Android only):

Private file encryption exclusions (Android only) - ^databases/[0-9]+.db_img_store/,^databases/db_img_store/,^databases/db_video_store/,^files/temp_attachment/,^files/temp_log/

Citrix ShareFile Workflows