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XenServer 7.5 Current Release

XenServer 7.5 is the latest Current Release version of XenServer and this documentation reflects features and configurations in this latest release. For documentation on previous Current Releases, see:

XenServer 7.4

XenServer 7.3

The XenServer product lifecycle strategy for Current Releases (CR) and Long Term Service Releases (LTSR) is described in

Getting Started

Release Notes (PDF)

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Installation Guide (PDF)

Core Documentation

Administrator’s Guide (PDF)

Virtual Machine User’s Guide (PDF)

Configuring XenServer for Graphics (PDF)

Product Reference Information

Configuration Limits (PDF)

Licensing FAQ (PDF)

Technical FAQ (PDF)

Feature Matrix (PDF)

Hardware Compatibility List

Developing for XenServer

XenServer developer documentation is available on

Supplemental Information

Thin Provisioning for Shared Block Storage Devices (PDF)

XenServer-Nutanix Integration Guide (PDF)

Measured Boot Supplemental Pack Guide (PDF)

Workload Balancing Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Workload Balancing Administrator’s Guide (PDF)

Conversion Manager Guide (PDF)

vSwitch Controller User Guide (PDF)

XenServer 7.5 Current Release