Product Documentation


Oct 21, 2016


Name Description
ConvertTo-CtxAppVLauncherArg Returns a string containing information to send to the App-V Launcher. You can plug this string directly into the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) to launch App-V applications.
Get-CtxAppVApplication Enumerates all published App-V applications for a given Management server.
Get-CtxAppVApplicationInfo Enumerates information for a given application in a given package for a given Management server.
Get-CtxAppVServer Returns URLs for App-V Publishing and Management servers contained in a Citrix App-V policy. Returned values are in string format.
Get-CtxAppVServerSetting Returns settings for the specified App-V Publishing Server.
New-CtxAppVServer Creates a new Citrix App-V policy containing the specified App-V Management and Publishing Server URLs.
Set-CtxAppVServerSetting Specifies the App-V Publishing server settings to use on the VDA. These settings determine whether or not the App-V Client can automatically initiate a publishing refresh on certain events such as user logon or at specified intervals.
Test-CtxAppVServer Tests the given URL for the presence of App-V Management and Publishing servers.