Product Documentation


Oct 21, 2016

Determine whether the proposed Catalog Name is available for use.


Test-BrokerCatalogNameAvailable [-Name] <String[]> [-AdminAddress <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

This cmdlet checks whether proposed Catalog Name is available for use. It returns a record for each Name indicating the availability of that Name, with $true indicating that the Name is unused and available for use, or $false if it is not available.



The Catalog Name to be tested.

Required? true
Default Value  
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue, ByPropertyName)


Specifies the address of a XenDesktop controller that the PowerShell snapin will connect to. This can be provided as a host name or an IP address.

Required? false
Default Value Localhost. Once a value is provided by any cmdlet, this value will become the default.
Accept Pipeline Input? false

Input Type

System.String You can pipe a string that contains the Name to test.

Return Values


The cmdlet returns a result for each Name specified. An availability of "True" indicates the Name is available for use, and "False" if it is not available.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

C:\PS> Test-BrokerCatalogNameAvailable -Name Test1

Checks whether the Name "Test1" is available.

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

C:\PS> Test-BrokerCatalogNameAvailable @("Test1","Test2","Test3")

Checks whether each of the specified names is available.