Product Documentation


Oct 21, 2016

Lists the supported licensing models.


Get-ConfigLicensingModel -ProductCode <String> [-AdminAddress <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description



The product code

Required? true
Default Value  
Accept Pipeline Input? false


Specifies the address of a XenDesktop controller the PowerShell snap-in connects to. You can provide this as a host name or an IP address.

Required? false
Default Value Localhost. Once a value is provided by any cmdlet, this value becomes the default.
Accept Pipeline Input? false

Return Values


The list of supported licensing models for the specified product code.


The Get-ConfigProduct cmdlet lists the available product codes.

The site object returned by the Get-ConfigSite cmdlet contains the currently configured product code.


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

C:\PS> Get-ConfigLicensingModel -ProductCode "XDS"

Retrieves the list of supported licensing models for product code "XDS".