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Disabling Endpoint Analysis for Mobile Devices

May 29, 2013

If you configure endpoint analysis, you need to configure the policy expressions so that the endpoint analysis scans do not run on Android or iOS mobile devices. Endpoint analysis scans are not supported on mobile devices.

If you bind an endpoint analysis policy to a virtual server, you must create a secondary virtual server for mobile devices. Do not bind preauthentication or post-authentication policies to the mobile device virtual server.

When you configure the policy expression in a preauthentication policy, you add the User-Agent string to exclude Android or iOS. When users log on from one of these devices and you exclude the device type, endpoint analysis does not run.

For example, you create the following policy expression to check if the User-Agent contains Android, if the application virus.exe does not exist, and to end the process keylogger.exe if it is running by using the preauthentication profile. The policy expression might look like this:

REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent NOTCONTAINS Android && CLIENT.APPLICATION.PROCESS(keylogger.exe) contains || CLIENT.APPLICATION.PROCESS (virus.exe) contains

After you create the preauthentication policy and profile, bind the policy to the virtual server. When users log on from an Android or iOS device, the scan does not run. If users log on from a Windows-based device, the scan does run.

For more information about configuring preauthentication policies, see Configuring Endpoint Polices.