Product Documentation

Configuring the Model MPX Appliance

Jul 15, 2013

You can perform the initial configuration of NetScaler Gateway by using a serial console, the Setup Wizard in the configuration utility, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). You can also perform the initial configuration by using the LCD keypad on the front panel of the appliance.

You can access the Setup Wizard from any computer that is on the same network as the new NetScaler Gateway appliance. However, because this method uses the default IP address for NetScaler Gateway, you must install and configure one appliance at a time. If you want to configure a new appliance from a remote network, or if you want to install multiple appliances and then configure them without using the console port, you can use DHCP to assign each new NetScaler Gateway appliance a unique IP address at which you can access the appliance for remote configuration.