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NetScaler Gateway VPX Architecture

Jul 18, 2013

NetScaler Gateway VPX runs on a server virtualization platform that offers the same functionality as the physical appliance.

The following figureshows the architecture of NetScaler Gateway VPX:

Access Gateway VPX architecture
The solution architecture has the following components:
Hardware or physical layer:
Physical hardware components, including memory, CPU, network cards, and disk drives.
The hypervisor is a thin layer of software that runs on top of the hardware. The XenServer hypervisor, for example, gives each virtual machine a dedicated view of the hardware.
Virtual computer:
The operating system hosted on the hypervisor that appears to the user as a separate physical machine. The machine, however, shares physical resources with other virtual machines. The virtual machine is portable because it is abstracted from the physical hardware.

For example, you install NetScaler Gateway VPX on the hypervisor. The virtual appliance then uses drivers to access storage and network resources. NetScaler Gateway VPX appears to users as an independent NetScaler Gateway appliance with its own network identity, user authorization and authentication capabilities, configuration, and data. The virtual computers use the paravirtualization technique, which presents a software interface to virtual computers that is similar but not identical to that of the underlying hardware. This technique enables the virtual computers and the hypervisor to work together to achieve high performance for I/O and for CPU and memory virtualization.