App Layering

Access management console

You can access the App Layering appliance by entering the appliance’s IP address in a web browser.

The first time you log into the management console, you:

  • Enter the default user name (administrator) and password (Unidesk1).
  • Change all administrative passwords on the appliance.

Access the management console

To log directly into the management console hosted on the App Layering appliance.

  1. In your hypervisor, locate the virtual machine you created for the appliance, and determine its IP address.

  2. Using the IP address for the appliance, enter the following URL in a compatible web browser:

    http://*<ip_address_of new_vm>*/

  3. Log into the management console. Enter the default user name and password listed in the introduction.

    The first time anyone logs into the management console on a new appliance, the wizard forces a password change for each of the appliance’s administrative accounts.


    Be sure to record the new passwords in a safe place, according to your company’s security guidelines.

Access management console