App Layering

Access management console

You can access the App Layering appliance by entering the appliance’s IP address in a web browser.

The first time you log into the management console, you:

  • Enter the default user name (administrator) and password (Unidesk1).
  • Agree to the Citrix License Agreement.
  • Change all administrative passwords on the appliance.

Access the management console

To log directly into the management console hosted on the App Layering appliance:

  1. In your hypervisor, locate the virtual machine you created for the appliance, and determine its IP address.

  2. Using the IP address for the appliance, enter the following URL in a compatible web browser:

    http://<ip_address_of new_vm>

  3. Log into the management console. Enter the default user name and password listed in the introduction.

    The first time anyone logs into the management console on a new appliance, the system forces a password change for each of the appliance’s administrative accounts.


    Be sure to record the new passwords in a safe place, according to your company’s security guidelines.

Access management console